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Tip - Don't play football before the big day!

It all started a fortnight ahead of my wedding day, when I was playing football in a bid to get in shape for the big day. A swift change in direction and a painful ‘bang’ sensation in my heel saw my Achilles tendon rip

A nightmare situation so close to the big day for any fiancé’, not to mention the then bride-to-be-Kristina!

Thankfully, aside from the inconvenience of being in a cast and the resulting reliance upon crutches, - and most importantly, the forgiveness and understanding of Kristina - everything went to plan on the big day. A fantastic time was had by friends and family alike.

The plan was for us and our children to travel to Newquay, Cornwall for a honeymoon and family holiday on the Saturday morning; the day after an appointment at the fracture clinic to remove my stitches following a standard operation.

Despite the very best intentions of hospital staff, post operation complications resulted in me being reliant upon an appointment at the Fracture Clinic on the following Monday, two days after my honeymoon should have commenced.

In lots of pain, having waved off Kristina and the kids to begin their holiday without me, I was determined to turn such a sad and difficult situation into one which would have a positive outcome.

Despite a reliance on crutches and being in a cast, I decided to travel by rail dressed in a Scooby-Do onesie outfit to re-unite with Kristina an the kids in Newquay, a near 8-hour journey with changes at London Kings Cross and Paddington stations via the Underground.

The act was intended to put a smile back on the face of my uncle Terry Bennett who was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and raise vital funds and awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support.

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